"an alliance of BME networks and public service agencies dedicated to promoting fair services free of racial discrimination."


HSC Mentoring

We have created an accessible online mentoring programme for HSC BME Network members. This service offers access to experienced professionals who are willing to share their knowledge with others. Their time is expensive so there is a charge made members wishing to take up the offer.

Given the extensive and continuing modernisation occurring within the NHS, Social Care and other public sector organisations our online support encourages innovation and creativity, through an external sounding board. This provides members with feedback, challenge and support from an impartial mentor who is able to ask powerful questions and unlock potential.

HSC Approved Mentors

The profiles of mentors will be listed in Mentoring Group. Each one has been vetted by the Network and will have access to our mentoring development courses to upgrade their approaches where this in necessary.

The mentoring relationship process

Browse the profiles of mentors in Mentoring Group. If you wish to develop a relationship with a mentor simply click Request and you will be able to enter your details and requirements in a box. Your selected mentor will respond to you either by saying they are Unavailable or Accept your request. An Accept response will provide you with a free of charge 20 minute Skype Consultation. The Consultation should include contracting, setting objectives and establishing boundaries. How often and for how long the mentoring relationship continues should be discussed and agreed upon between you and your Mentor. At the end of the mentoring relationship, pairs should explore how and when the goals and objectives were realised, and celebrate their success.


The mentoring relationship is entirely private and unsupervised by HSC BME Network. There will be a feedback posting alongside each mentors Profile for comments. If you have a complaint simply click the Complaint box and state the nature of your complaint and the HSC Moderator will seek to resolve the matter quickly.

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